Who lisa raye dating

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I need to get in touch with the casting directors of Single Ladies and all Tyler Perry productions because I know I could get casted with all this terrible acting. Back in 2003 we met up at The Florida Classic in Orlando at The Citrus Bowl Lounge. I am late for everything.) Ask people that know me -Lisa Raye gave Stacy Dash a Good Ole West Side Chicago Diamond whoops Ronnies *** from Playas Club Beatdown for Frontin n tryna act better than her black castmates. I can only imagine how she is about to look once that Vi-Shake gets in her system. If you watch VH1's Single Ladies my cousin (Karon Riley) is Keisha's (Lisa Raye) alleged stalker. Is is just me, or she is the same person in everything she does.

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Thank you to all cast, crew, @vh1 @flavorunitent and everyone on the team of SL for a fantastic season!

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