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Her designs were further popularized by First Lady Michelle Obama, who wore Rodkin's 61-carat diamond celestial earrings, a 13-carat diamond cocktail ring and diamond bangles, to the 2009 inaugural balls.

As Loree Rodkin tells it, she was just a kid from Chicago with “corn coming out of my ears” when, at 21, she dined with Salvador Dalí in Paris. To my left was a Russian countess who had her hand in my lap all night. To my right was Amanda Lear, who said she had had a sex change and wanted to tell me all about it.

The jewelry designer, who adorned Michelle Obama in diamonds on Election Day and for the Inaugural Ball, is seated in the lobby of New York’s Mercer hotel, promoting a beaded charm bracelet she designed to benefit her pal Sean Penn’s Haitian Relief Organization.

Blame the reporter: Rodkin has veered off topic a bit.

But then her life story—so wild and remarkably fortuitous that it plays out like a glamorous version of ’s—makes for great entertainment.

At 62, Rodkin has had three immensely successful careers, all by accident, and quite a few love affairs with famous men. “Or the middle—wherever I am.” She became an interior decorator in her late 20s, when, after breaking up with musician Don Henley, she moved into the clubhouse of a posh building on Sunset Boulevard and remodeled it herself.

We get to see Cher sporting two different outfits in these photographs.

In the first batch, the 66-year-old music chart legend is wearing a striking pair of black and white trousers, which were draped in silver chains, and a black hat with the word "rock" on it.

In retrospect they were the last great group of the 60s rather than the first great one of the 70s, but the trail they blazed became rock’s latest superhighway.Most of the seminal acts of the decade, sensing disaster, did not even bother to make an appearance.The biggest-name performer, Jimi Hendrix, passed away not long after (as did Janis Joplin, who was there, and Jim Morrison, who wasn’t), putting an especially bitter coda on the dead-end destiny of the so-called psychedelic 60s.The one previously heard but still unseen act that emerged triumphant from Woodstock was Crosby, Stills & Nash, joined onstage by Neil Young.Taking their turn at four in the morning, at a generation’s wake they became superstars.

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