Updating r version

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The R community is known to be very active and is noted for continuously adding user-generated statistical packages for specific areas of study, which makes R applicable to many fields of study.

The "Comprehensive R Archive Network" (CRAN) is a collection of sites (called ) which carry identical material, consisting of many R packages and the R distributions themselves.

You can ignore this if you trust the CRAN servers and continue with the installation.

Otherwise, please refer to the section on secure apt below.

Without digging into the Python code before installing, I do not know that this is a fixable problem. Is there a package dependency that you are dealing with?

You only need if you want to compile R packages yourself or other software depending on R (see section below on administration and maintenance).

Be aware that you may also have to install build dependencies (typically -dev packages containing headers).

I have had correspondence with ESRI over this exact issue and thought they had fixed it.

R is a popular open source programming language that specializes in statistical computing and graphics.

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