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It is one the oldest cities of the country dating back from 1085. Area codes - 380 332 (6 digits number), 380 3322 (5 digits number); postal code - 43000. According to one source, it was founded in the 7th century, according to another - in 1000.

The first record refers to 1085, when it was a fortified town which withstood a six-month siege.

The earliest known Jewish community was 15th century. Effecting the Jewish Community was First World War. The cemetery boundaries are smaller now than 1939 because of housing development. Adjacent properties are commercial-industrial and agricultural. Occasionally, organized Jewish group tours or pilgrimage groups, organized individual tours, private visitors (Jewish or non-Jewish) and local residents visit. Kirjner Moisey Davidovich of Lutsk, Prezidenta Grushevskogo St. 38 [Phone (03322) 34775] visited and completed survey on 10/14/94. UA02010101Alternate name: Luck (Yiddish), Luzk (German), Luytsk Vilka (Hungarian), Lutzk (Ukraine) and Luytzk (Hebrew). Present town population is over 100,000 with 101-1,000 Jews.

Sometime later, during the 1300s, the town was captured and recaptured by Lithuania.The payment is taken based on the origin of your international passport.In case of registration for spouses/minors, you have to provide and proof of relationship.This means the town was already in existence long before this and, since it is so old, no one today knows the true meaning of the city's name.Legend has it that the ancient Slavic town of Luchesk (now Lutsk) was founded sometime during the 7th century – though this cannot be proved beyond a doubt.

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