Quotes about being an intimidating woman teen dating agent

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Hillary Clinton has never been asked whether she verbally intimidated alleged rape survivor Juanita Broaddrick.Nor has Clinton been asked whether she spearheaded the so-called "nuts and sluts" strategy to silence and intimidate women who alleged affairs with or sexual abuse by Bill Clinton. Justice Department, runs Freedom Watch, a government watchdog group. Yeah I am pretty, but I am just a woman underneath this. I just want a normal guy, who burps, and leaves his socks all over the house, but cares enough about me to take care of the guy things. I get a lot of attention, but it is not quality attention. They always presume I want the super rich guy, or the super good-looking guy.But, unlike Trump was able to point out, Hillary is no “saint girl” either. Clinton has been accused of threatening, smearing and targeting women her husband has sexually assaulted or carried out consensual affairs with. Hillary smears Flowers; calls her “trailer-trash.” In an ABC News interview in 1992, Hillary smears Gennifer Flowers, a women Bill would later admit to having an affair with, as “some failed cabaret singer who doesn’t even have much of a as a “narcissistic loony toon” after she had consensual relations with her husband in the Oval Office.CBS News reports: "According to the friend, Diane Blair -- a political science professor whose papers were donated to the University of Arkansas Special Collections library – Hillary Clinton credited Bill Clinton with trying to break away from , whom she called a 'narcissistic loony toon.'" 3.

Trump, politicking horrifically, only deepened the wound by vocalizing Hillary’s claim in his and his surrogates’ subsequent interviews.

That does not make me shallow.” Number 4: “People always think that I am dumb and vacuous.

You cannot look like me, and survive in this world, especially this town, by being vacuous.” Number 5: “People have no empathy for me. She has never suffered a day in her life.’ I was devastated by that comment.” Number 6: “I cannot wear normal clothes because everything looks too sexy on me.

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