Mormon dating an atheist

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However, since the comments on the [email protected]’s post devolved into a blame game of whether the believer or non-believer was more responsible for marital dissolution, I decided it was probably best to avoid a second opportunity for mud-slinging.Differences in religious belief can be the death knell to a marriage.Even before marriage, it is rare for the unmarried, devout Mormon to even consider dating (let alone marrying) a non-Mormon; most LDS women raised in the Church are taught from an early age to make a temple marriage to a returned missionary their primary goal.Likewise, in the Catholic Church, marriage to any non-Catholic (including Protestants!From believing (or even a testimony) that there is a God into believing (or testimony) that there is no God at all…Why do you think, that once you allow yourself to question some parts of your belief (Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith etc), I mean once you start questioning Mormonism, you nearly automatically start questioning the Bible or God in general?This is a question that I have seen often, and no wonder — especially on the internet, disaffected Mormons seem to disproportionately lean atheist and agnostic rather than Christian or some other form of theist.Just a single group text went out and we had all hands on deck.

They will however, still hold some unique doctrinal beliefs that it would be good that you were aware of.

For more on what this entails see this article on temple marriages by a former Mormon: If the person you are dating is a nominally committed Mormon, there will still be a desire for you to convert and undoubtedly requests for you to take the Mormon Missionary lessons as part of the conversion process.

However, the person may not insist that you become a Mormon before marriage, though you will generally be thought to have a second-class marriage if you are “unequally yoked,” i.e., if you’ve not joined the one true church.

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I had hoped to generate a follow-up post on this topic at MSP.

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