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I will catch myself when I’m falling down the rabbit hole of old patterns, and then can visually see myself turning a dial in my head like a gear, knowing it’s going to change a pattern and raise my growth and potential.I've been getting emails from some of you who are feeling discouraged on the dating front. " If you're feeling burned out, bitter, or bored, here are some ways to make dating fun again.1.Then you give it a paint job, write a better ad, and suddenly everyone wants it! Read Funny Dating Stories If you need a fresh, positive perspective, check out Samantha Daniels's Dating is frustrating when you barely know someone and you have to play games or participate in annoying text conversations.(In her book, the Millionaire Matchmaker calls this break "Dating Detox" and recommends 30-90 days off.) I call it a dating sabbatical. But if you go out with someone in his 30s or older, quite often you'll have a more pleasant experience overall. And dating is hard, especially if you've been doing it for decades and your friends say, "Just have fun with it!Take a Break Take a designated breather and clear your head. If the house isn't selling, it starts to look bad, so you take the "For Sale" sign down.Here are three steps to take in order to have the right mindset when going on a date. Approach it whole, with the complete, authentic, most honest version of you.“Honest” is a great word to use as a measuring tool when it comes to dating, and how you feel about the other person and yourself.

These are the people who make dating fun, who make life an adventure, and who never give up on us.

We think about what we’re going to wear, what we’re going to do, and whether or not it will be like the last miserable date—a complete waste of time.

We cross our fingers, hoping that we'll impress someone.

Now I’m sure you’re probably sitting there replaying all the horrible experiences you’ve had on dates in the past.

I can assure you that there are several ways to make dating fun!

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