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It allows clear conversation between internet-connected computer users anywhere in the world. We do recommend setting up an appointment for a Skype reference session. If you're at a campus with limited library services, we encourage you to schedule a Skype appointment for research help.

This allows us time to prepare for the session and set aside time for personalized assistance. You'll still be able to see the librarian and use the voice, chat, file sharing, and screen sharing features of Skype, even if you don't have a videocam or choose not to activate it. Bear in mind that you'll need to make your Skype call from a machine that has Skype software installed.

Late in the afternoon, the eagles head to their favorite night roosting areas – places with large trees that provide protection from cold winds and severe weather.

Wisconsin offers numerous opportunities to view eagles and learn more about these majestic birds.

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To set up a Skype reference session call 608-243-4768.

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Wintering eagles also feed on carrion and later in the day can frequently be seen searching for and feeding on dead deer and other animals in the countryside.

Once a carcass is located, several eagles often congregate to feed.

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