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the ratio of the Suns diameter to the Moons diameter) will always be the same as the ratio of the distance from the vertex to the short line (e.g. I have to go and look at my phasing stuff - something's probably twisted, but close to the ground, most likely, before I can get on. You need to get on frequency and work it with your 6 ass. Maybe I shouldn't have said "drill" but they're working We -- The Punk KN6Z and BZ-- planned on driving on New Years Eve up to our fav restaurant, Dukes, in Huntington Beach, then on up to Pasadena to cruise Colorado Blvd to check out the party scene and all the crazy people camping in the gutter waiting for the Rose Parade to start, and then south to Disneyland to see-in the New Year.

the Earth-Moon distance), to the total length of the triangle (e.g. Yes, George & some of those guys are "blinders-on It took me about 9 months to get to be - effectively - "one of them", so I don't usually get passed-around like a cheap piece of DX whore anymore. If you come back around - AM OMG, that's funny, Mike. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Mike and I sat down and listened to a song I like by Jon Anderson and Vangelis, the chords for which I cant find, except for a software guess at the chords, available from the website

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So, we have the same size appetite.' Chuck's social life is non-existent, and he hasn't worked in years.There are some very cool people (Dave, Beth, Tony etc.), but they usually get on later. I've talked to those guys three times now, but I guess I'm still just a cheap piece of DX ass. I need to make the New Oxford Circle log entry right after the QSO, so I can remember what the hell went on, but its always late, and Im tired, and I always promise myself Ill get to it the next day, but I dont.Maybe I can kiss-ass my way in to the "in" crowd, eventually. So I have a ready-made way to drive the new gear box, and the shaft, being the very same used with the old gear box, still of course fits the adapter that couples it to the photocopy machine motor which Steve W7CI has been using all along., KD7BCW, NZ7J, N7EN, W5HO, KE3KR, NR7Q, AG7G, K6MJD, W6FE, KB5B, W7LW, K6HTM, AF7J, W7LNG, KI6U, AE6FG, WQ6I, AD5SU, KT0DD, N6NP, K6AII, KE7BBX, WJ6Q, K7PSK, VA7MJS, KG6TT, AD9DX, AA8KB, AD7HP, KF7J, KC7ZNA, WA7PZR, K6LDO, VE5ANB, K6ZSR, N7TH, W7RU, K6FEJ, WB7EUH, AF6D, KG6TT, K7PRS, WG6K, WB6GGY, KO6QK, WY8I, W7KOL, K6PIC, KF6VOM, XE1HDD/W6, AD7HP, KF7J, KB1UM, WY8I, WA7CO, KE7GET, NO5I, KC0HLX, W1VO, VE7AYQ, AF6D, WC1E, Ben KD7BCW, Eric W7ZCX, John W6FE, Cary KD7KAU, Mike VA7MJS, Mike KB1UM, Duane AG7G, Joe KO6M, Bruce W6RAT, Terry KB5B, Chuck KE3KR, Moody WQ6I, Bob AF6D, Mike AA8KB, Conrad N7EN, Randy KC7ZNA, Gary ZL3SV, Mark K6FEJ, Mark K6MJD, Larry W5HO, John K7PRS, Gregg AE6FN, KE7BBX, Dave WA6DAC, Bruce N6THN, Gary W6FH, Kevin K7TST, Art W6OBB, Kevin AD8Q, Iain K6IAM, Bob K6MIT, Tom W7PD, Keith KD7KZV, Stan WG6K, Mike AD5SU, Phil WB6GGY, Bob K6AII, Adam AF6ME, Greg W6EZV, Buddy W7JPL, WJ6Y John, W7HW Duane, K7JRL John, N7MAL Mal, WY6L Dean, WJ6Y John, On the bright side, because the authorized John Deere service center inconvenienced me initially by sending me an empty housing instead of the complete deck, they have made me a straight exchange, meaning I get a 1000K deck for 600, the price of the empty shell. If you want to be Rose-Queen, you need to think like one.You now have two similar triangles (one inside the other), and the ratio of the lengths of the two parallel lines (e.g. Look, they already find you highly-desirable because of your location. you've been through the drill, only from the other side.

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