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They say so and so was dating love you or they're hatin' when it doesn't matter anyway 'Coz we're here tonight if you smile then, that should set the tone Just be limber baby and if you let go, the music should groove your bones Baby just remember sing this song with me Ain't nobody love you like I love ya You're a good girl and that's what makes me trust ya Late at night, I talk to you You will know the difference when I touch you Yeah, you know I can make ya happy I could change your life if you give me that chance to be your man I won't let you down baby if you give me that chance to be your man Look baby, I'm putting on my jacket and then Maybe we'll fly the night away I just wanna love you baby Girl maybe we'll fly the night away I just wanna love you baby Girl Ma, what chu wanna do?

I'm in front of you Grab a friend, see I can have fun with two Or me and you put on a stage show and the mall kids that's how to change low When I heard them say "wow, it's the same glow" Look at me, I say "yeah, it's the same dough" We the same type, you my air of life you have sleepin' in the same bed, er'night Go rock with me, you deserve the best take a few shots let it burn in your chest We could ride down Pumpin N.

Zapp contacts Leela and sets up half a double-date.

Kif gets some bad advice from Zapp which causes Leela to proclaim the date over.

Speed dating in Moscow We hold speed dating party or flirt party in cozy Moscow night clubs.

Choose the most important things to make rules about – for example, a rule about not physically hurting each other would be a must for most families.

Children as young as three can help you make the rules and talk about why your family needs them.

As children get older, they can take a bigger part in deciding what the rules should be, as well as the consequences for breaking them.

Do we tip based on the total bill (hourly karaoke room fee) Food/Drinks? I went karaoke-ing this past weekend and tipped 20% on the food/drinks and paid for the rooms at their hourly rate only and the hostess said that I was tipping too little? I mean, if I rent a hotel room for one night - I am not going to tip the room service or food that I buy at the restaurant 20% off the daily hotel room rate right?

Andrey has always dreamt of becoming a pop star, so when a well-known record producer offers him a contract in Moscow, he jumps at the opportunity, leaving his girlfriend, Natasha behind without a second thought.

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