Julian rhind tutt dating

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This was followed by a succession of smaller television and film roles.

He then landed a major role in William Boyd's First World War drama The Trench (1999) alongside Paul Nicholls and Daniel Craig.

His radio programs include: Faust (Radio 4, February 2008), Number 13 (Radio 4, December 2007), Fame and Fortune (Radio 4, November 2007) to name only a few.

At dinner parties and over coffee, Rabih and Kirsten's friends always ask them the same question: how did you meet?

The answer comes easily - it's a happy story, one they both love to tell.

Julian first movie role was the Duke of York in the movie The Madness of King George (1994), a character he had also played in the stage version (1991-1993).

Some fame has come to Julian after he portrayed Dr.

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