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The 8 inch dial with well engraved centre star motif, a setting knob below and a level plate inset at the base. Hygrometer, level plate, bone setting knob, mirror and frame replaced and replacement mercury filled tube. The case in original polish showing some signs of age in a rich mahogany colour, slight age cracking to top and much tapping below setting knob, c1850 and measuring: 10” x 38” please e-mail or phone us for price and delivery options Ref: 2228 A simple Georgian mahogany wheel barometer with black & white stringing and one oval urn inlay to case, broken architectural pediment, long spirit filled thermometer, dial engraved ‘Lione & Somalvico, 14 Brook Street, Holborn, London’, replacement finial & tube, c1811 measuring: 38 ¾” x 10” please e-mail or phone us for price and delivery options Ref: 2262 A mahogany veneered black & white strung mercury wheel barometer with swan neck pediment, hygrometer, mercury filled thermometer, convex mirror and beaded frame, 8” dial, and level plate inscribed ‘Warranted Correct’.

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) dials re-silvered, replacement finial, mirror and frame and replacement tube.

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Jackson told one potential tenant his son was seriously ill in hospital and even told another the youngster had died.

It was the second time brazen Jackson used his son Zac to commit fraud - having been jailed in 2012 for conning more than £60,000 from colleagues at Tesco.

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