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Freddy Lopez, began acting out at their Seventh Precinct station house on the Lower East Side in early 2015, according to her notice of claim, a precursor to a million lawsuit.He also once made a crude sexual joke during roll call, says Sarante, a 15-year department veteran.“Lopez placed a plastic glove over his hand and stated, ‘I’m here to do a cavity search, who wants one?'The perpetrator, who received a 22-year sentence, is about to be released early. Does the Prime Minister agree that CSE victims should be properly consulted on the release of perpetrators and that in this case the perpetrator should not be returned to Telford? 'It is absolutely right that if victims are going to come forward to report this abuse, they need to know that they will be supported so that they can have the confidence to do so and be confident in their future security and safety.A Manhattan cop claims a randy sergeant demanded that she have a threesome with him and his wife — then falsely accused her of fudging her timesheets when she refused, court documents show.

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