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They never change and these strippers work around all the same clubs in town too. There is a more complete account of the legal situation available.The age of consent is 18, however, most things in Mexico do not go by the law. I got sucked off by one Latino guy and later sucked off a hot Latino ... The lack of a crowd was my first clue that something was wrong compared to a few years ago. Literally miles and miles of delicious Mexican foreskin to be licked, sn... About 10 guys total in the whole theatre, but they were all looking to mess around. You can get good drinks, hang out and have a good time. There is a tree on the beach that looks like a bonzai tree but big. You can have sex back there without worrying about anyone seeing. I was surprised to see that the back garden setting has been replaced by a hot tub. If you are looking to play with Mexican locals in the 20 to 30 age range, you will find them here.

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