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The pair even make their own shoes, cobbled together from old tyres and antelope hides.

This is the story of Henno Martin's neglected classic is an amazing tale, but even it did not fully ready me for the sheer isolation of desert life, and the differences between a sandy safari and the savannah game viewing that I am accustomed to in east and central Africa.

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Only two written objections were received in response to a call for objections to the extension of the new minimum wages for security guards to the entire sector.“The ministry is considering all the responses to the objections.

Once the ministry is satisfied, the minister will extend the collective agreement to the entire security industry,” labour ministry spokesperson Maria Hedimbi said.

She did not say when the minister would finalise the process.

In December, difficult negotiations came to an end when members of SAN and three unions announced that consensus had been reached and a national festive-season strike by 17 000 security guards averted.

Polygamy is the rule for both men and women who can have other partners in addition to their husband.'The Himba's egalitarianism also extends to who gets to be in charge of what, with decisions split between men and women.

Hedimbi said the collective agreement, which was negotiated and signed by the Security Association of Namibia (SAN) and union representatives in December last year, was already “fully binding” for all SAN members, but not for the industry as a whole.

The agreement will only be extended to the other parties in the industry once the minister is satisfied on a number of issues, she said.

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