Dating the hearing impaired

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By letter dated 3 August 2012 to the Australian Human Rights Commission, the Director General stated that the only form of “communication” that could be accommodated to enable persons with hearing impairment to perform jury duty was hearing induction.

In the case of people and some animals, this threshold can be accurately measured by a behavioural audiogram.A decrease in strength or any abnormality or partial or complete loss of hearing or of the function of ear, or hearing system, due directly or secondarily to pathology or injury; it may be either temporary or permanent.The mentioned technical result is achieved in that, in the method, personalized audio signals (A) for hearing-impaired users are generated on the basis of attributes thereof received from audiograms - frequency characteristics of the hearing of the hearing-impaired user stored in a database on the server of the communications network and linked to the telephone numbers of hearing-impaired users.There are also electro-physiological tests that can be performed without requiring a behavioural response.Normal hearing thresholds are not the same for all frequencies in any species of animal.

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