Dating onlie cyprus

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- If you receive a message or letter saying that you have won the lottery abroad and you are asked to send your personal information so that you can receive the so-called amount won, do not respond.

Just ask yourself - who or what organisation gives away large amounts of money for free? - If you receive a message or letter saying that you have inherited property abroad and especially in Africa, don’t believe it.

Even if they ask for help to transfer from Africa, property that supposedly belongs to you for an exchange, do not respond, even out of curiosity.

If you respond, you run the risk of not being compensated by the bank.Discover the current and forthcoming local, cultural, musical, sporting and social events taking place, and view event information, photos and videos.Everything you need to know before and during your visit to Cyprus can be found on the CTO website, which is designed to simplify your access to information on the island, its history and everything it offers.The Unit investigates cases that are submitted by Police Units and Government Services to the Commander of Department C.A) Advice on the prevention of fraud committed via the Internet, mobile telephones and post - A key factor in the prevention of fraud is being cautious and suspicious of any letter, unsolicited e-mail, or sms which comes from an unknown sender.

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