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The most common report among men and women fresh from the battle field -- er, a date, I mean -- is that the social awkwardness puts the kibosh on the fun factor.

In other words, everyone hates the uncomfortable pauses and usual questions: "So, where are you from? " If this is true, daters might need to mix it up a bit.

From there you are asked about 10 more attributes about yourself before it is indicated that you should upload a photo.

Once the profile process is complete (in about 2 minutes) you are brought to the homepage which is your default search page of members.

There are so many amazing people around the corner, across the street and a few bus stops away. Date For Date helps you find interesting people around you, in a visual and clever way using infographics and iconic content such as movies, tv shows and profound badges.

Thanks to this unique approach finding the best match becomes faster, more accurate and a captivating experience.

Dates are all around you - find them, connect and just go on a date! See who is across the street, around the corner and a few stops away* Find out who they are - have a quick glimpse at beautiful visual profiles of people you’re interested in* Show your interest - adore someone, ask if he or she is interested and start a chat And one more thing - everyone has to have a profile photo - no creeps are allowed.

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There is always an option to check behind Door number two, three, or four. I began to see a pattern and can now group these men into eight common types.1. Date four, you’re hot and heavy and ready to take the next step. You find yourself sitting on the couch watching movie upon movie so that he can avoid going to bed with you. Eventually, you get the deflective “It’s not me, it’s you. He never will be despite how much he claims you are his perfect woman or the love he has for you. You will eventually fall for him unless you’re smart enough to leave first. Let’s change the experience of dating and meeting new people. We use location but we never ever ever tell people where you are.Hopeless Romantic or Adrenaline Junkie - what do you have in common?

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