Benefits of updating healthcare technology

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This personal security aspect is also important to meeting a patient’s privacy concerns.Any disadvantages of electronic medical records lay not in the concept or actual physical medium of retaining records in a computerized system, but only in the natural challenges of investment, preparation and training.

With very significant deadlines to accomplish these vital initiatives, it would be easy for IT managers to develop tunnel vision and become project managers, checking off one task and moving on to the next.

Each of these projects to modernize the health system has tremendous potential to improve patient care, which, in turn, will likely improve patients’ perceptions of the care they receive because the care will be higher quality and better coordinated among providers.

Patients, in turn, will be (everyone hopes) happier “customers.” Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Jason Wolf and the interesting work he does as executive director of The Beryl Institute, which will host its annual Patient Experience Conference April 25-27 in Fort Worth, Texas.

An electronic medical health records arena of information sharing within a medical practice naturally reduces unwanted hand transcribed errors.

The problem of lost or misplaced patient files is also eliminated.

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