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The Arabic chat alphabet (alternatively the Franco-Arabic alphabet, or ‘Arabizi’ عربيزي), it’s an alternative to the standard written Arabic that uses the Latin script.

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Our ultimate goal is to provide a platform that connects people to meet and date, thereby initiating new friendships.The Communications and Information Technology Commission, the agency that regulates telecoms in Saudi Arabia, released a statement saying that it would “like to clarify that it did not direct/order to block nor return such a feature” to service, and that it was following up on the issue with Internet service providers.Some users told Arab News they could make calls without problem: “Yes it is working good but it’s very surprising,” one said via social media.JEDDAH: Some Whats App users in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday expressed their delight at being able to make phone calls through the app, a feature that was previously not working.Others, however, failed to see what the fuss was about as the popular communication app’s calling function was unresponsive as ever.

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